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B Your Best: Create a blueprint for your
health by learning new skills leading
to sustainable behavior change and
achievement of your goals.

Certified Health Coach
Dr. Benita Zahn,

Your Health Saving Account (HSA) may cover some or all of B Your Best coaching services, details vary by account. Please contact your HSA administrator.

“I’m very excited to work with Capital Cardiology because of their investment in supporting their patient’s journey to wellness.

   My philosophy of coaching is simple: partner with my clients as they identify their personal ‘why’ for making lifestyle changes leading them to their healthiest life. To reach the goal(s) they craft a wellness vision of their best self. We work together to identify their personal strengths and abilities. By harnessing their strengths, abilities, and vision for improved health they develop an ongoing health plan unique to them. The steps may be small but the payoff is big.

     The pressures of everyday life can short circuit our desire to make a change. Coaches can help you focus on the work you choose to do. They help you learn and develop strategies and guide you to invest in yourself. A coach doesn’t tell you what to do but asks questions, provides encouragement, and brainstorms with you to help you understand and see your ‘big picture’.

     B Your Best isn’t simply a slogan – It’s about creating a blueprint for your health by learning new skills leading to sustainable behavior change and achievement of your goals.”

-Dr. Benita Zahn


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Health Coaches Begin With the “WHY”.

Health coaching uses evidence-based skillful conversations and strategies in taking an active role in building a health behavior change. Health coaches provide the tools, feedback, and most importantly, the confidence to help people overcome the challenges to living their best life possible. 

Health coaches help empower patients in taking an active role in their own care. Often, we see our physicians for short times, the average is about 15 minutes. Health coaches meet with their clients with more frequency and for longer durations. Through a process of positive reinforcement, health coaches help clients develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to participate fully in their treatment, helping to get to the root cause of conditions that can impact the quality of life. 

What is a health coach and what do they do?

Health coaches begin with the “why”, the motivation behind the desire to change some aspect of a client’s lifestyle or health. Health coaches help people to better know themselves and to better manage the challenges preventing them from making their desired change, or being as successful as they can be. 

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About Dr. Benita Zahn

Benita is a certified Health and Wellness Coach working with clients at Capital Cardiology Associates. Benita spent more than 40 years as a health reporter and news anchor at WNYT in Albany, NY. She covered issues such as wellness, treatment breakthroughs, aging, nutrition, and the latest health care trends. Benita’s work has taken her around the world and across the USA. She’s covered  the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, the inauguration of President Obama and both Republican and National Conventions. Benita is a contributor to  the weekly “Live Smart” page in the Times Union, the HMRRC Pacesetter and the new magazine 55+LIVING. Benita also created and co-hosts the podcast EVERYTHING THEATER.  Benita earned her Masters and Doctorate in Bioethics at the Alden March Bioethics Institute at Albany Medical College. She earned her CHWC from the prestigious WELLCOACHES School of Coaching. She is a member of Actors Equity Association and SAG-AFTRA (The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). Benita has won numerous awards for her work including  a NY EMMY,  International Radio and Television Award, NYS Broadcasters Award and has been honored by numerous health organizations.