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Dr. Kate Cabral, PharmD.
Board Certified Clinical Pharmacist
in Cardiovascular Medicine

Dr. Kate Cabral earned her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD.) from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She completed a post-graduate pharmacy practice residency, as well as a cardiology specialty residency, at Boston Medical Center. Dr. Cabral practiced as a clinical pharmacy specialist in cardiology at Boston Medical Center and a clinical pharmacy specialist in anticoagulation at Maine Medical Center before returning to New York. She currently is an Associate Professor in Pharmacy Practice at Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences.


Dr. Cabral is a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist, a Board Certified Cardiology Pharmacist and an Associate of the American College of Cardiology. She also serves as Director of the Pharmacy Resident program providing post-graduate, specialty training for cardiovascular pharmacy.  She and her team of residents sees patients at the Southwoods office and works along with our team of physicians, advanced practitioners, and nurses, to provide the highest quality of cardiac health care to our patients.


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Kaitlyn Cassidy, PharmD was born and raised on Long Island before moving to Queens, NY to earn her PharmD from St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. She has just recently moved to Albany and is looking forward to exploring everything the Capital region has to offer. Kaitlyn decided to pursue a career in pharmacy due to her love of patient-centered care and building long-term, meaningful relationships with her patients. 

Stephen Chamberlin, PharmD is a Capital District native and graduated from Shenendehowa High School. Prior to earning his PharmD from Albany College of Pharmacy, he was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army and served as a Combat Engineer in the Iraq War. Stephen’s pursuit of a career in pharmacy was spawned from a desire to continue to serve his community through health education and integrated practice.

Why is a pharmacist contacting me from my cardiologist’s office? 

While there is no dispensing pharmacy at Capital Cardiology Associates, there is a clinical pharmacy team that works with our cardiologists, nurses, and clinical team to ensure the safest, most effective medication therapy possible for our patients. The team consists of 3 clinical pharmacists – one board-certified cardiology pharmacist and two post-graduate pharmacy residents that are completing their second year of advanced training. There are also two sixth-year pharmacy students from Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences who assist with day-to-day pharmacy operations.

The clinical pharmacy team works with the CCA providers to identify medication therapies that best fit the patient’s cardiovascular health needs. Pharmacists can help develop strategies to improve medication adherence and educate patients on a variety of medication-specific concerns, including how medications work to support cardiovascular health, what common adverse effects one might expect (and how to manage them), issues with insurance and affordability, and how to safely administer medications (including injectables). The clinical pharmacy team is available for comprehensive in-person visits as well as fast, convenient telephone consultations – ask to speak with a pharmacist today! 

The CCA Clinical Pharmacy team is available to meet with patients in person or by phone to answer medication questions, including side effects, medication interactions, questions on over-the-counter products or herbals, what a medication is for, how to remember to take your pills or other drug related concerns.

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