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The Why of Bariatric Surgery.

Bariatric surgery is used to help patients lose excess body weight that increases the risk of health complications after diet and exercise modifications have not produced desired results.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric or weight loss surgery is the common name referring to these minimally invasive procedures that Dr McDonald performs. Weight loss surgeries include: Roux en Y gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and duodenal switch.

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Meet our Doctors 

Dr. Matt McDonald 
Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Matt McDonald brings a wealth of experience to Capital Cardiology. While at Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse, he served as an associate professor of surgery. He was responsible for the training and development of future surgeons.

As a bariatric surgeon, since 2008, Dr. McDonald typically performs between 150-200 bariatric cases each year. He has been the director of three bariatric programs and is licensed in New York and Vermont. Dr. McDonald is also board certified by the American Board of Surgery. Cumulatively, along with his team, he has successfully helped his patients lose tens of thousands of pounds paving the way for healthier and happier lives. Dr. McDonald started his bariatric career when he was appointed as Chief of General and Bariatric Surgery at Keller Army Community Hospital in 2008. He chose Bariatrics because it wasn’t a “quick fix” when it came to his patients. He was able to take the time and get to know each patient as a person, understand them, and devise an individualized care program that best set them up for success. Each patient typically consults with Dr. McDonald several times prior to surgery. This is a necessary step in the care process. It is an opportunity to build a relationship that is the foundation of success. For Dr. McDonald, surgery is only the first step in a long-term relationship. From your initial appointment, you are welcomed into the Capital Bariatric family where your care is tailored to your individual needs.


Many patients have credited Dr. McDonald with saving their lives, but he does not see it that way, He sees this
as the beginning of their journey. He is always asking, “what’s next?”. Dr. McDonald serves as a lifelong health
partner with regular follow-ups for each patient. From the first consultation, trust and accountability are the cornerstones of his relationships with patients. His belief in the “what’s next?” theory is evident with his patients. When one goal is met, “what’s next?” is a positive and supportive way of targeting the next goal. Your journey begins here.


Who is a Good Candidate for Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery maybe an option if you have:


  • A body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more.
  • A BMI of 35 or more with serious health related co-morbidities associated with obesity including: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac disease, high cholesterol, sleep apnea.

Carol Santoro, MD
Obesity Medicine / Clinical Nutrition

Dr. Santoro grew up in Saratoga Springs. She has lived and practiced medicine in Chicago, Oklahoma City, and Little Rock before returning to the Albany area. She enjoys cooking, traveling, golf, hiking, and snowshoeing.

Board certified
  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • American Board of Obesity Medicine

  • Cornell University, BS Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Columbia University, MS Human Nutrition
  • Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, MD
  • University of Chicago, Internal Medicine Residency

  • The Obesity Society
  • Obesity Medicine Association
  • American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery
  • Obesity Action Coalition

Dr. Santoro sees patients with
  • BMI of 27 or higher and wish to lose weight
  • Insulin resistant syndromes such as polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Weight gain as a result of medical illness or medical therapy
  • Weight regain after bariatric surgery
  • Malabsorption/micronutrient deficiencies
  • Malnutrition/unintentional weight loss
Josh Malone, NP

Josh Malone, NP

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Joshua Malone (Josh) has been in healthcare in various roles since 2004. He has been a Registered Nurse since 2008 working in Critical Care. He obtained his first masters degree in 2016 and worked as the Clinical Nurse Specialist in the ICU. He obtained his second masters as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in 2019 during the height of COVID in the ICU. While grateful for these opportunities, he felt the need to focus on a patients that he felt most connected.

 started with Capital Bariatrics and Dr. McDonald’s group in September 2022. Josh has experience with Bariatrics as both a provider and a patient. Josh had gastric bypass by Dr. McDonald in February of 2019, after struggling with weight loss for many years. He’s a great resource for patients at any stage of the preoperative and postoperative stages.

osh is seeing patients in the clinic for preoperative, postoperative and metabolic medication weight loss management and will be in the operating room at various facilities assisting with surgeries.

Patient Success Stories 

"Words cannot describe how Dr. McDonald has changed my life, he met me at a time I felt hopeless showing up to his office feeling like a failure because I couldn’t control my hunger and I had gained so much weight. His calm demeanor and amicable approach put me at ease and immediately allowed me to place all my trust in him. He gave me my life back and it is the most amazing gift anyone could have given me. I am now living a life beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you a million times over Dr. McDonald you are a miracle to me!"

– HM  (Bypass 2020)

"Dr. McDonald is the epitome of a true professional! He inspires his patients and most importantly listens to their needs! I couldn't have done it without him! Thank You, Dr. M!"

  • -BC (Sleeve 2017)

"I truly believe in everything Dr. McDonald stands for, he really is an amazing doctor, and he is so passionate when it comes to what he does. He is my hero! He changed my life!"

-DS (Sleeve 2019)

“Dr. McDonald is one of the most important people in my life! Without even knowing it he inspired me in so many ways possible. He is truly an inspiration in everything he does, especially how he treats people, and how he inspires people. My journey with him has been nothing but the most amazing wonderful experience. I want to thank him for making this my journey one of the best experiences of my life. It has changed my life in so many positive ways.”

-GLB (Sleeve 2017)

“It has been a life altering process and I every time I look in the mirror, or walk a flight of stairs or 2 or 3, or cross my legs or buy a new outfit, I thank you for being there for me during one of the lowest times in my life. If I could only give you back half of what you’ve given me, I certainly would.”

-KL (Sleeve 2020)

Weight-loss surgery also may be an option to consider if you have serious health problems related to obesity, such as type 2 diabetes or sleep apnea. Weight-loss surgery can improve many of the medical conditions linked to obesity, especially type 2 diabetes.


For people with severe obesity, weight-loss surgery can extend years of life.

You may be better able to move around and be physically active after surgery. You might also notice your mood improve and feel like your quality of life is better. As an added benefit, you may be able to take fewer prescription medications as you move into a healthier weight, which can reduce the cost burden.

Weight-loss surgery can help you lose weight and improve many health problems related to obesity.These health problems include:

  • type 2 diabetes

  • high blood pressure 

  • heart disease 

  • unhealthy cholesterol levels

  • sleep apnea

  • urinary incontinence

  • knee, hip, or other body pain

Source: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases