Electronic Health Records

Technology Changes Everything

Our world has been radically transformed by digital technology — smartphones, tablets, and web-enabled devices have transformed our daily lives and the way we communicate. Medicine is an information-rich enterprise. A greater and more seamless flow of information within a digital health care infrastructure, created by electronic health records (EHRs), encompasses and leverages digital progress and can transform the way care is delivered and compensated. With EHRs, information is available whenever and wherever it is needed.

Capital Cardiology Associates has successfully achieved “Meaningful Use” as outlined by the Federal government by having a state of the art Electronic Health Record called eScribe. Through eScribe, we can electronically submit prescription requests to all pharmacies, both retail and mail order.

The Capital Cardiology Associates Patient Portal is a secure portal that allows you, as a patient, access to medical records including medications, lab results, and medical history — online. If you are interested in signing up for the Patient Portal, click here to download the policy form to print out and return at your next visit.

Our Electronic Health Records allow your physician to have up-to-date health information 24/7. We are also connected to most hospitals in the capital district where information can be shared.