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Ask The Expert

Albany, New York news radio station, WGY invites local experts from all areas of business to share their knowledge on subjects ranging from: accounting, business, commercial development, finance, health care, legal and more to contribute their knowledge on questions our community is asking.

WGY’s Chuck Custer and Joe Gallagher sat down for a discussion with Capital Cardiology Associates Dr. Robert Benton, Dr. Lance Sullenburger, Dr. Kevin Woods on common heart health topics.

What is AFib and what is my risk?

How are women’s hearts different than men’s?

How to start improving your heart health

How you can fight the risk of heart disease

What is the simplest and safest form of exercise?

What should I ask my doctor at my first visit?

The importance of taking care of yourself to help heart patients.

What progress has come from cardiovascular disease research trials?

How relevant is my cholesterol level in my risk of heart disease?

Are there any “heart healthy” additives?