The Blood Test That Confirms A Heart Attack

How Capital Cardiology Associates Enhanced Cardiac Access can determine a heart attack

In the Enhanced Cardiac Access (ECA) Suite at Capital Cardiology Associates (CCA) is a sign that reads, “When it’s your heart… it just can’t wait.”

Many heart attacks surface a month in advance, the symptoms go undetected until the individual experiences common indicators like chest pain or pressure. Our ECA Suite is located on the 4th floor of our Corporate Woods office and is the only Capital Region walk-in cardiac clinic. It was specifically designed to serve patients and non-patients who need attention for chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, or rapid heart rate.

One of the key indicators that allows our cardiac team to determine whether a patient is having a heart attack starts with a blood test.

Cardiac patients will have their blood drawn by our phlebotomists. “The benefit of an on-site Blood Lab to our patients is that all of the work is done in house,” explains CCA phlebotomist Olana Crawford. “We test for troponin, a protein that’s released into the bloodstream during a heart attack. Your blood is drawn and processed in our lab down the hall.” CCA can provide ECA patient test results in under an hour if necessary. When your blood work is done here, the results are immediately sent your physician. If there are any critical issues, the results are taken to a nurse who calls your cardiologist who recommends treatment immediately.

“If we find that patient is having a heart attack, we get them admitted to the ER right away,” adds Crawford. When not administering blood tests for ECA patients, the CCA Blood Lab also processes blood work for our patients. These tests are ordered by doctors and can include baseline blood tests, “the kidney, the liver, to all cardiac tests. If it’s a specialized test that we can’t perform, we can collect the sample and send it to St. Peter’s. We get the results back in a few hours,” noted Crawford.

At Capital Cardiology Associates we are committed to providing the highest quality of health to our patients. Crawford’s level of passion confirms that promise. “I treat every single patient with the utmost care. We’re trained to draw blood from patient’s on blood thinner medications, we make sure you don’t have a large bruises, we use a special taping system, we make sure everything stays in one medical records systems. When you get your blood work done at CCA, the results are immediately sent your your physician. If there are any critical issues, the results are taken to the nurse, who calls the doctor and recommends treatment right away.” The CCA team also understand that at times, your health also applies to their mental well being. “At other testing facilities, blood results can take at least 7-10 days to be processed, unless you go to an ER. That’s a lot to time to wait and think, ‘oh no what went wrong?’ Here we get your doctor the answers as efficiently as possible”, said Crawford.

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Written by: Michael Arce, Social Media Specialist, Capital Cardiology Associates.